Partnership 4 Kids believes in the dignity and respect of all human beings. We stand united against racism, injustice, and oppression in all forms. Read our full statement below or click here.

COVID-19 Updates

Partnership 4 Kids programing continues despite schools currently being closed. P4K employs 25 staff, six AmeriCorps Members, one VISTA Member and manages 275 volunteer mentors and are responsible for serving 3,300 students in Omaha Public Schools. We’ve dramatically increased connections with our students to weekly one-on-one session, plus twice monthly group connections, and have set two main priorities for their success. We are evaluating home safety, basic needs, and providing appropriate community referrals along with keeping them highly engaged with P4K and academics.



How you can help P4K

  • The best way to support P4K's mission through these uncertain times is through a recurring donation. P4K cannot and will not discontinue services to our students. We are asking that you join us by making a meaningful monthly gift that ensures programming through this difficult time.  Please consider making a gift today.
  • When our students start back at school this fall, it will be critical that we have group mentors in place to help them reengage with academics, goal setting and future-oriented thinking. Now is a great time to sign up to become a mentor.

We're Partnership 4 Kids, and we provide college‑bound mentoring and goal‑setting programs for students living in under‑resourced communities. Simply stated, we help cultivate tomorrow's workforce.

Ninety‑one percent of our students come from low income households and diverse family dynamics. Their past helps to shape them, but it is the guidance and mentorship they receive today and every day going forward that will have the biggest impact on their futures. Be their today. Read more.

Our impact by the numbers:

91% of our students reported they are motivated to attend school regularly

98% of our students graduate high school

90% of our students pursue post-secondary education

94% of our students return to college for a second year

In their own words.

Make a difference. Become a mentor.

Mentoring is a shared opportunity for learning and growth. Many mentors say that the rewards they gain are as great as those of their mentees. Experience these rewards firsthand.

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