Tracy Wells, Director of Volunteer Resources

As the director of volunteer resources for the Partnership, Tracy’s job entails seeking out volunteers and program supporters that are passionate about our mission to help students be successful from kindergarten to college. “There is a spot for everyone to be involved here at Partnership 4 Kids, and it is up to our recruitment team to find who best fits in which spot,” she says.

Tracy’s background is in education. She has a bachelor’s degree in Elementary and Special Education as well as a master’s degree in Educational Psychology, both which she obtained from University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

Outside of work, Tracy has many interests, but her most constant passion is for volunteering. She serves on the boards of directors for local groups, Teens Finding Hope, WhyArts and Tip Top Thrift Shop and has been very involved at her daughters’ schools as they grew up. In addition to volunteering, Tracy says she enjoys doing anything creative and tries to spend as much time with family and friends as she possibly can.