College Access Program

college-visit-4P4K’s college access program is the final stepping stone on our pathway of “kindergarten to careers” programming. It is divided into two phases which include 1. post-secondary prep and 2. post-secondary support.   Through this programming, our ultimate goals are to help all P4K students access some type of post-secondary education, ensure they complete their degree/certificate programs and overcome barriers to their academic success.

 Phase 1: Post-Secondary Prep (Grades 11 & 12)

P4K Post-Secondary Prep provides critical services to 11th and 12th grade students who successfully completed the P4K high school group mentoring program. We ensure these students have continued contact with P4K staff, they are aware of their post-secondary options, and that they have the necessary materials and know-how to apply to a post-secondary institution. Provided services include:

  • Individual student case management and priority referrals to P4K’s partner programs such as College Possible, Avenue Scholars, Teammates and Boys and Girls Club of Omaha
  • ACT preparation and financial aid workshops and assistance
  • College tours and exposure to various post-secondary and career options
  • College application assistance, scholarship support, and letters of recommendation from P4K staffdiploma

Phase 2: Post-Secondary Support (P4K College Scholarship Recipients)

P4K Post-Secondary Support provides P4K college scholarship recipients with the resources and encouragement they need to be successful in their post-secondary endeavors. Provided services include:

Summer Bridge Seminar

A requirement for all incoming P4K scholarship recipients, this post-secondary success workshop covers best practices for time management, professional communication, high school/college transition, financial literacy and budgeting. A panel of P4K second-year students also presents to the incoming students on lessons learned and tips for success.

Peer Mentoring Support

P4K first-year students enrolled at UNL and UNO are given the opportunity to be matched with an older student at their university for support. This peer mentoring component includes social opportunities for the peer matches to participate in as well as scheduled, monthly meet-ups to navigate any issues first-year students are having and also include match social outings and mixers.

Academic Support & Resources

All students are connected to on-campus resources such as TRIO, Student Support Services, and One-on-One Navigators (for Metropolitan Community College students). Program staff complete monthly check-ins, sponsor study sessions, and complete Academic Improvement Plans for students with a term grade under a 2.0 GPA.

Campus Connections

These program-sponsored campus events are offered throughout the year to help students engage and connect more with their universities and build peer support.

Case Management

Through these monthly check-in sessions with P4K staff, students receive support, referrals and interventions that support their academic success and personal well-being.

Job Readiness & Job Shadowing

Students are able to advance their professional knowledge and experience through resume writing sessions and job shadowing opportunities within a network of careers and company contacts.

Career Exploration & Job Placement

We assist in placing college students into career internships and job opportunities within their major/careers of interest. Students can also participate in career interest inventories/career exploration sessions and professional networking events.


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Partnership 4 Kids proudly participates in the AmeriCorps network of programs.

Value of College Access

P4K’s overarching goal for all our students is for them to graduate from high school and pursue some type of post-secondary education, and we are happy to report we are reaching our goal!  An amazing 99% of our students graduate from high school and of those graduates, 90% are enrolling in college, trade school or the military and with the support of our partner programs and community supporters, the sky is the limit!

From Honor Roll to the Dean’s List-Preparing for the Road to Academia

Middle School-P4K begins preparing our students for college in middle school. Students attend college campus tours and Q&A sessions with current college students.

9th-10th Grade –Students can choose to participate in P4K’s High School Group Mentoring Program. This 2 year-long program meets 2-3 times per month at one of five locations, which include: Benson, Central,  North, Northwest, and South High Schools. The  focus areas of the program are 1) to prepare students to successfully transition into high school; 2) to help students prepare for life after high school through college/career exploration and mentor support; and 3) to connect each student with one of the P4K partner programs that best suits each student’s individual needs.

Each student also meets with his or her P4K program coordinator regularly to develop an individualized plan for achieving academic and personal success. For more program details, click HERE.

11th-12th Grade-Beginning in 11th grade, students can decide to pursue a more intensive college preparatory or mentoring-based program with one of our 20+ partner organizations.  Click HERE to view a complete list of our partner programs.

P4K Scholarships
P4K students who successfully complete the high school group mentoring program, participated in a P4K Partner Program, and meet the requirements of the P4K Scholarship Guidelines may be eligible to receive a scholarship for college or trade school.

Questions? Contact Molly Verble, Post-Secondary Coordinator at

P4K Scholar Success Stories
Since 1998, the Partnership’s scholarship program has had more than 100 students graduate with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree and many have gone on to pursue their master’s and doctoral degrees. These students often credit the Partnership staff for lending the hand that has helped them to reach their dreams. Read about some of our successful alums below:

Kara Student Alum and former P4K staff member
Partnership 4 Kids has taught me how to be the best that I can be without altering my morals and values,” Kara says. “I advise students to surround themselves with positive people who support their dreams and to always look forward to a brighter future. Click here to read more about Kara’s story…
Daryesse Partnership 4 Kids College Scholarship Recipient
The staff really cares about us and our education. They are concerned about whether or not we are going to college and they are willing to push us to our fullest length. Click here to read more about Daryesse’s story…
Ozzie Partnership 4 Kids College Scholarship Recipient
School is power and it is what is going to get you where you want to go. Click here to read more of Ozzie’s story…

Value of Career Exploration

Partnership 4 Kids encourages student success from kindergarten to careers, and exploring professional avenues is at the heart of our curriculum.  P4K students begin their journey in career discovery as early as fifth grade with tours of various local corporations.   Career exploration continues to be an integral part of the student programming.

Career Exploration Sessions Include:

  • Behind-the-scenes tours of local businesses
  • Annual P4K Career Fair with 30+ small businesses and large corporations represented
  • Hands-on workshops in professions varying from dramatic arts to computer technology
  • Job readiness seminars
  • Connecting students to summer internship opportunities
  • Participation in Omaha Public Schools Careers For Kids Summer Workshop

*If you are interested in providing a career exploration tour or workshop at your business, or are interested in being a speaker at our annual Futures Fair, contact