David Cumming A Lesson In Giving, by OPS Teacher
Last week, one of my students brought in a plastic sack filled with what appeared to be an object the size of a NBA basketball wrapped in layers of newspaper. I gladly accepted the gift and told him I was anxious to see what it was.

When I began to open the gift, I found the newspaper to be carefully wrapped and taped. I peeled back layer upon layer. Finally, I reached the center of the newspaper and found the gift my student so eagerly gave. It was a well-worn, stuffed, pink bunny.

I wish I could say that the well-worn bunny was some long, lost treasure that I’d been searching for. It wasn’t. But I appreciate everything that it symbolizes. It’s about sacrificing something of value (your time, your possessions, your talents) for the benefit of someone else.

Despite his circumstances, this boy gave up something he had in order to try to make someone else’s day better. You may not have a worn out, slightly filthy, pink bunny that can make a difference in someone’s life. But you certainly have something to give. So do it.




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