Basic Training Resources:

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Activities for matched Mentors/Mentees

Search Institute: Developmental Relationships Framework

8th Grade Curriculum Example-Shark Tank

Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets:

Ages K-3rd

Ages: Middle School

Ages: 12-18

Child Abuse Minimal Facts and Reporting
Goal Buddy Motto

Goal Buddy Conversation Guide

Youth Development Stages

Middle and High School Youth Development

Partnership 4 Kids and No Excuses University

Additional Training Resources:

Quarterly Additional Training & Resources Highlight 

Mentor Nebraska’s 2019 Training Opportunities

Growth Mindset 101-An Online Training
Growth Mindset 201-An Online Training

Teen Suicide Prevention PowerPoint

Supporting Young People in the Wake of Violence

Redirecting Student Behavior

Conversations about Masculinity: Supporting Young Men of Color

Films from Nebraska Loves Public Schools

Social & Emotional Development in Early Adolescence: Tapping into the Power of Relationships and Mentoring

Relationships First: Creating Connections that Help Young People Thrive

The Mentor’s Guide to Youth Purpose: The Art of Helping A Young Person Find Meaning, A Sense of Self, and Ways of Giving Back to Their World

Mentor Tips:

Student Attendance – Strive for 95!

The Mindful Mentor

March e-news: 5 tips for mentors

Mentoring with a Growth Mindset

Uncommon College Majors

Volunteer Policies:

Volunteer Policies and Procedures

College Connections – Peer Mentoring, Policies and Procedures